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Asian Paints, an esteemed name and largest paint manufacturer company in India. We have become open to the idea of the importance of having a thoughtfully painted walls and beautifying the walls through wallpapers, wall stencils & wall highlighters. They not only add depth & dimension to the room but also adds up to the style & personality to the space. Whether festive or abstract, wall treatments totally set-up a mood of the ambience. As novel the concept is, similar was our ideation process. To capture these trendy range of wall-stencils & highlighters, we planned on giving the same mood to the entire ambience.

Understanding the theme of the products was the first step in the direction of achieving a creatively composed frame. Designed specifically for the economical class, we created  a set-up of a typical middle class interior  by incorporating elements accordingly. Wooden beds, simple chair structures & traditional propping, the whole space complimented the products.