Home furnishing photography

Home furnishing Photography is not only about taking picture from the correct angles, but also about portraying an entire theme and giving a character to its aura. While photographing home textiles for R.R. Décor, we conceptualized the whole shoot after studying the products. We brainstormed on various components the products depicted through colours, motifs, textures and the techniques. Since the fabrics illustrates a resemblance to shibori– an ancient indigo dying technique. We created a rustic era look on the walls. The props used were antique trunk & lamps along with an old-fashioned wall painting. The entire set was contemporized by placing a modern lamp suspending from the ceiling & the cushions were placed in a stylish setting.

The set that was created with a thorough research & bringing various elements together defined the right context for the products. This modern-rustic combination of photo-shoot was among our most remembered home furnishing photography.

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