Home ware photography

Homeware photography is one of the currently trending fields in the home fashion photography Industry. A photographer needs to be really smart while capturing the house-ware products which are usually various colors, sizes & materials. The idea is to shoot the correct composition without making it look cluttered. House-ware product photography is majorly about the interesting form the products have. We started to explore it sometime back and realized how great it is to spend your day shooting for an interesting project like this.

This particular project was done for Shoppersstop and the challenge was to capture the. While capturing these particular home-ware products, we had to work on the composition so that we could play neatly with the colors, forms & materials. To bring out the clarity in the material, it is very important to understand the right lighting techniques to be used for the products of specific material. For eg. , products made of glass need special lighting treatment at the time of photography itself.

The process started with shortlisting the products for each frame. Every frame was carefully composed making sure they are color coordinated and various forms are interestingly blended in the frame. Even while focusing on one subject, the products are blurred in the background and not disturbing the overall structure. Capturing multicolor products together by still maintaining the harmony between them, requires experience and skills both.

A lot of work is also involved in the post-production process to highlight the right areas and playing with the depth of the whole framework. The lighting can be partially manipulated in the post-processing, however, the product placement & the arrangements are something that needs to be taken care of, at the time of shoot itself. As the lighting techniques are responsible to bring out the clarity in the products. Home-ware products open one more wide area of interest, i.e. thematic exploration along with the interior as the backdrop. We get to experiment with spaces and how appealing the whole symphony can be made is unimaginable.