3 tips for Interior Photography


Welcome friends! Today we are excited to share a few interior photography tips with you. These simple interior photography tips are perfect for beginners.

Lighting in Interior Photography

Lighting is a crucial factor in photography, and interior photography is no exception. Use balanced light to avoid overly dark shadows and bright highlights in interior photography. You should use the natural light that is available for the interior photoshoot. Generally, soft lighting produces the best output. It is common in interior designer photoshoots. When using flash, never directly point it into space. Instead, bounce it off towards the ceiling or walls.

Angles and Perspective in Interior Designer Photoshoot

In Interior designer photoshoots, it is advisable to think about the image you want to achieve. Add features to the room to bring out the impression that you have in mind if the scene looks dull in itself. You could add stacked magazines, plants, flowers and cushions to brighten your interior photoshoot. Throw in some wall photos and décor for living room shots. 

Wide shots are yet another important asset of interior photoshoots. A wide shot offers a wow factor that grabs your audience’s attention. Wide shots show a beautiful space and tell the overarching story of your design. For close-up shots, capture details like texture, layering, and materials which make a room unique. In interior designer photoshoots, they are often used to set the tone for a space and create excitement about a room reveal.

Editing process in Interior Photoshoots

Photoshop is a powerful tool to take interior photography from good to great. While each photographer works slightly differently and eventually develops their own workflow. There are basic techniques to edit interior photoshoots. Like, such as straightening up the photo and correcting the removal of spots with the help of cloning. When looking at the color, look at the overall color and then look for space that needs fixing. As you get more comfortable with this workflow, you’ll find what does and doesn’t work for you.

Hitting the right node with interior photography is a tricky one and Home Photography is here to help you achieve the same.