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With diverse learning & experience, creating an identity for your brand through photography

Company Profile

Working for brands ranging from lifestyle to interiors along with seven years of hard work & dedication, we bring on table the diverse learning and experience, which helps us to experiment and push the boundaries to the next level.

‘Rajeev Rai’ is a reliable name in the field of Home Fashion Photography, where we ideate, we design & we create an identity.


How We Work

Our way of working involves an innovative approach. We don’t just take good Home Textile photographs following photography rules. As per the home furnishing products, we work on the ideation of a story and conceptualize the whole photoshoot. Thereafter, we work around the photography concept; as we understand that the photographs play a major role in deciding the commercial value of the home product as well as establishing a brand image. 

The Team

A company is formed by the owners & employees but a Brand is built by the team of people who work for it. We are a creative group of individuals who are skilled and practiced professionals in home textile photography. While our designers understand the details of fibre to fashion, our stylists curate the best. Similarly, our photographist has a proficient understanding of light, shadows & space and our production team leaves no stone unturned to get the finest output. Our work is not limited to the shoot only; the post-production also plays a major role in setting up the brand images. 


The Founder

The studio was set up by Rajeev Rai out of his passion for photography. Master in Textile Design from NIFT Delhi, he found his love in capturing the world through his lens, since then there has been no looking back. In the past 8 years he has super-specialized in Home Textile & Home Decor photography. His understanding of art and design gives him a distinctive edge for Home Decor and Interior photography. A unique combination of his academics that comes partially from physics and partially from design makes him a photographer with the right amount of technical and creative fusion. Where Physics helps him understand the technicalities of light & optics, his command on design unravels the aesthetic bundle of knowledge. 

Bed Linen Photography

Bed linen is the most complex product to be photographed in the home-photography industry. The subject to be captured is on a flat surface and the viewing angle is always the profile of the bed. Depending upon the design of the bed-linen, the angle of the camera is set in a way that the flat subject has interesting depth to it and the details of the subject are pleasantly visible.

Furniture Photography

The expectation from furniture is slightly higher for a consumer than any other décor product for an interior. They have to be aesthetic and functional, both at the same time. As they are usually big and difficult to store in large numbers, in the showrooms, therefore the brand image is largely dependent on the photographs itself. What you communicate in the imagery will be as it is perceived by the consumer.

Home Decor Photography

Home decor includes all non-textile products which help in making a perfect home. To make a home décor imagery look thematic, there has to be an aesthetic understanding of space and design. The color palette, décor elements and the composition of both should speak the same language. A home décor photograph with the right balance amongst the décor elements & space determines the brand image of the product.

Home Fabric photography

To capture the details of home fabrics, it is very important to have good control over the lighting as well as photography. A slight miss of lights may result in distortion of the fabric’s actual texture and color. As the commercial value of the product is very much dependent on branding photography, it becomes our responsibility as a photography agency to capture the minute details thoroughly

Home Furnishing Photography

A home furnishing photographer understands that there needs to be harmony between the solid colors, prints & patterns of the furnishing products in a photograph. Compositing the right combination of these surface designs in one frame, he knows how to curate the entire home furnishing collection so that all the designs are distinguishable and well-coordinated.

Home Interior Photography

One of the most popular photography in the home-fashion industry is home Interior Photography. Both sale and marketing of interior are purely based on imagery; either 3D rendered or actual images. Without image, it is almost impossible to explain the quality of the interior. Therefore, it needs an expert eye as well as experience to encapsulate various colors, forms, textures that need to be captured realistically.

Home Textile Photography

Today, the ideas of a home textile designer aren’t limited to velvet and canvas. The innovation in the textile industry has been humongous, both in terms of fabric manufacturing and aesthetics. Today, there is no limit to fabrics being used by the designers to make their collection look unique and creative.

Home Ware Photography

Home ware is an extensive field of product industry. They come in various designs, utilities and sizes. Not only the products, but in this case the background is also an important element which can elevate home ware in an elegant way instead of making it look complex & cluttered.

Life Style Photography

An interior look liveable and feasible, when one can imagine a person in and around that space. A space photograph with people in it, tells a story. They add liveliness by integrating warmth and emotion to the whole imagery.

Wall covering Photography

Wall-covering products like wallpaper, wall-paint/textures, and panels occupy the enormous areas in the house, which is not only largely visible but also becomes very tricky to shoot. These elements are on flat surfaces and become the backdrop for the rest of the products.


About Us

F-6, Zakaria Industrial Estate, Marol – Maroshi Road, Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai -400 059, INDIA

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